Carl J. Amundsen as

Carl J. Amundsen as was founded in 1930 by late Carl J. Amundsen senior. 

Carl J. Amundsen as is an independent company working as marine consulting engineers and naval architects for ship Owners, insurance and banking companies, offshore companies, shipyards etc.

The company has since the foundation held technical responsibility for operations, new buildings, conversions, maintenance, purchase and sales etc. for a great part of the cargo and offshore vessels belonging to smaller and medium sized ship companies and Owners.

The activities comprises:

  • General cargo vessels
  • Container vessels
  • Tankers and Chemical vessels
  • Tugs
  • Offshore vessels
  • Flotel vessels
  • Accommodation vessels
  • Fishing vessels
  • Submersible Heavy lift vessels
  • Floating cranes
  • Barges and Submersible barges

The company has been specially involved in development, design, building and operation of offshore-vessels and tugs for the North Sea area from the start-up in the beginning of 1970 to the offshore vessels today:

  • Platform Supply Vessels (PSV)
  • Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels (AHTS)
  • Stand-by Vessels
  • Multi functional vessels (MSV)
  • Safety Support Vessels (SSV)
  • Harbour and Escort Tugs
The company has carried out complete plans, specifications and supervision for conversion/installation to offshore vessels for:
  • Fire-Fighting (DNV Fi-Fi I/II/III)
  • Oil spill recovery
  • Stand-by vessel class (NMD and DOT requirements)
  • Oil based liquid mud
  • Low flash point liquids (Methanol etc.)
  • Hazardous cargoes
The company has carried out project management and technical supervision of an oil product and chemical tanker of abt. 8000 DWT at Malta for Norwegian Owner delivered in December 1995.

At present the company undertake techical management and supervision for 4 chemical tankers.

Since mid 1980 the company has been strongly involved in the development and construction of modern terminal tugs including escort tugs for oil and gas terminals both in Norway and abroad. Type of tugs involve both stern drive azimuth tugs, tractor- and Voith Schneider tugs.

The company has tree naval architects and marine engineers. One secretary/accountant.


Smedasundet 97b, 5525 Haugesund
Phone: (+47) 52 70 22 00, mail(at)
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